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Shengyifa WPC door case in Manila, Philippines

Zhengzhou Shengyifa Industrial Co., Ltd. provides 1500 sets of
toilet doors for a high-end high-rise residence in Manila, Philippines, creating a comfortable and ideal residence.
Product: WPC DOOR
Quantity: 1500sets
Delivery time: 30days
Loading Date: 25 Sep. 2022
WPC toilet door Features:
Waterproof, moisture-proof, termite proof, sound insulation, fire resistant, easy to clean, long life, environmental protection

Shengyifa WPC door adopts advanced automatic production line, self-developed woodworking equipment, strict selection of high-quality substrate, with the concept of higher than the industry standard to produce stable and durable wooden door products.
The door panel is made of moisture-proof high density WPC door skin, with high color fastness, easy to clean, natural and soft, and delicate texture. It comes from nature higher than nature.
The door frame is made of 100%WPC material, and the color of the door frame and line is unified, which is strictly consistent with the door fan. The precise size is cut, and the installation Angle is matched with 45 degrees, which reduces the on-site cutting by workers, avoids errors and is easy to install.
Zhengzhou Shengyifa Industrial Co., LTD., founded in 2003, is located in the East District of Zhengzhou, the capital of Henan Province. With the advantages of WPC door industry chain, brand, supplier, sales channel and regional service, it has been in the leading position in the industry for a long time.
Shengyi WPC door keep up with the background of The Times, enter the overseas market, with high quality, early delivery, good service to win the recognition and commendation of foreign project partners.
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